Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Bar Exam Group Trivia

Games have returned to select locations: BRICKSIDE - RAMBLIN ROOT - MAGIC'S - MEAGHER'S- NOW 7P  (UPDATED JULY 1)

MONDAY-  Buffalo Wild Wings, Buckhannon, 6:30p

TUESDAY-Brickside Bar and Grille, Lodgeville Road, Bridgeport, 7:30p
        Ramblin Root, Fairmont Ave, Fairmont, 7p

WEDNESDAY- Magic's Bar and Grille, Middleton Road, Whitehall, 7p

           Buffalo Wild Wings, North Ridge Road, Buckhannon, 6:30p

THURSDAY- Derby, Virginia Avenue, Fairmont, 7p

          Meagher's Irish Pub, Betten Court, Bridgeport, 7p (NEW TIME)